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Baby Toothbrush and Kids Floss Brush Toothbrush from Brush-Baby

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Welcome to Brush-Baby

Welcome! Our site is dedicated to little mouths, teeth and gums. We specialise in Early Years Toothcare and want to help parents give their children good foundations for lifelong healthy teeth. We have developed advanced products, such as our DentalWipes™, Chewable toothbrush, BabySonic and FlossBrush, that care specifically for babies, toddlers and young childrens dental and teething needs. Plus, they also get kids into great dental habits early too!
Brush-Baby - designed by dentists, loved by Mums.

“Brush-Baby’s Chewable toothbrush is excellent, cleans upper and lower gums and teeth at the same time, a nice, clever little idea”
Dr Chris Steele - resident doctor and health expert on ITV1’s This Morning programme


  • Xylitol combats decay-causing bacteria and neutralises sugar acids.
  • Xylitol is endorsed by the British Dental Health Foundation.
  • All brush-baby toothpastes contain xylitol, look out for this symbol.

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Early years tooth care

Step 1


Cleaning baby gums

Brush-Baby DentalWipesTM with xylitol gently cleanse baby mouths and first baby teeth.

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Step 2


Teething and brushing

Brush-Baby Chewable Toothbrush helps clean teeth and soothe teething gums.

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Step 3


Brushing and flossing

Our children's toothbrush, the 'FlossBrush' helps clean between teeth.

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