Step 1 - Babies: Clean gums every day

Step 1 - Babies  Teething Toothbrush Brush Baby Clean your baby's gums and first teeth

Did you know that baby teeth develop even before babies are born?

Baby teeth begin to develop at about 6 weeks after conception. By the time a baby is born all 20 baby teeth are present in the jawbone but still hidden under the gums.


Why clean baby gums?

Cleaning your baby's gums helps remove food and milk deposits and reduces the build-up of bacteria, including those that cause tooth decay. This helps create a healthier environment for new baby teeth. Keeping gums clean can also help avoid gum inflammation and teething pain.

Introducing a daily dental care routine early, starting with gum care, will help get your baby used to the idea having its ‘teeth’ cleaned from a very early age, making life easier later on!


How do I clean my baby's gums?

  • Use a DentalWipe or dampen a clean gauze or cloth with cooled boiled water. Gently wipe over gums, tongue and cheeks twice a day.
  • Brush-Baby DentalWipesTM contain Xylitol a natural sugar that is actually good for teeth (yes!) because it helps reduce the number of decay-causing bacteria.

Research has also shown that wiping a baby's gums and new teeth daily with a xylitol wipe gives great protection against tooth decay in the early years ( Ref: .Effectiveness of Xylitol Wipes in high risk infants. Chang PY Dec 2010 Dissertation University of California, San Francisco. MAI 48/06.)