FlossBrush 3-6 years - Blue

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FlossBrush 3-6 years: Ideal Learner Brush

  • Deep Clean Bristles - cleans where other brushes can't reach.

-Short bristles clean the tooth's surface.

- Longer bristles help clean between teeth.

  • Good for

- Mixed teeth, loose teeth, crooked teeth, gaps and missing teeth

-Kids who don't floss


  • Fun sucker feet

  • From 3-6 years.

FlossBrush 3-6 DeepClean Bristles

Brush-Baby's FLOSSBRUSH features unique 'Deep Clean Bristles'. We know that as kids teeth develop they will have gaps, crooked and missing teeth. We also know that many kids do not floss. So, to make sure that we can clean in between teeth were food can get stuck we've added extra long bristles. These long bristles help reach between teeth giving an extra 'deep clean'. Perfect for braces too!

To clean your FlossBrush: Rinse with water and leave to dry.

For best brushing results: Supervise toothbrushng for childlren under 7 years old. Check the handle and bristles before use. Replace every 3 months or when brisltes become worn or splayed. Do not chew.

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