1. We’ve been shortlisted!

    Boots Maternity & Infant Awards (Ireland) 2017

    Hooray! We’re delighted to share that Brush-Baby have been shortlisted in the Boots Maternity & Infant Awards (Ireland) 2017 for the ‘Best Bath Time Product’!

    Our Teething Wipes, which were tested and approved in Ireland UK by 10 mums, and then opened up to a public vote over a 4 week period, made the cut for the Best Bath Time Product category, along with Childs Farm, ClevaMama and IKEA.

    We would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who voted for our Teething Wipes. You’ve helped us spread the importance of early years dental care even further to parents around the world.

    Fingers crossed for the final…eeek!

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  2. Brush-Baby head back to school!

    Did you know that a third of all children starting school each year have signs of tooth decay? Tooth extractions are now the biggest reason UK children are admitted to hospital for general anaesthetics.

    That’s why the Brush-Baby team is making it our mission to get children brushing as early as possible and into a healthy dental routine. Last term we were lucky enough to have the help of Dr Patel, from Northwood Hills Dental Practice, who kindly visited her son’s primary school to teach the children the importance of oral health, as well as handing out some of our unique kids floss brushes and tooth brushing charts.

    Dr Patel says "It saddens me to see in this modern day how so many children are being hospitalised for teeth extractions which can easily be avoided by giving good health advice to families.

    I had the pleasure of visiting my son's school to give a talk to the children. The kids were so interactive, sharing their experiences and ideas on oral health care. We talked about the importance of looking after your teeth, such as how to avoid gum disease and tooth decay.

    By the end the children understood the how important it is to brush for two minutes, twice a day, and how a well-balanced diet contributes to your oral health as well”

    We were pleased to hear our Brush-Baby goodies also went down a storm with the parents, with many already noticing a positive difference in their children’s cleaning habits. Dr Patel says “I had a lot of positive feedback from the parents. They loved the brushes, describing them as nicer to handle with better bristles and with the aid of the toothbrushing chart there were no arguments!” Even Dr Patel’s own children loved them too! (pictured above).

    Now that the new school year is in full swing, it’s the perfect time to work on developing good brushing habits with your child. To help, you can order one of our tooth brushing charts by clicking here.

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  3. Are you treating your teeth like a royal?

    We've just heard the news that there is another royal baby on the way and the Brush-Baby office is awash with excitement.

    As with her previous two pregnancies, the Duchess of Cambridge is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, or severe morning sickness to you and I. We know that dental care may not be at the forefront of her mind at this stage, but it’s important for mums-to-be to look after their own dental health during pregnancy. After all, all those nasty stomach acids can be a lot for your teeth to deal with!

    With this in mind, the team at Brush-Baby have been working hard to raise awareness about the importance of good dental care in pregnancy. Our latest information leaflet, You & Your Baby’s Dental Health, has been a huge hit with pregnant mums, with its tips & tricks on maintaining a clean oral environment, as well as ensuring that both mum and baby stay healthy throughout the 9 months.

    To download your FREE copy of our You & Your Baby’s Dental Health leaflet, click here.

    Inside you’ll find a guide to oral care in pregnancy, as well as tips and tricks on dental care once your little bubba arrives.

    We hope you all enjoy! And remember, oral care is for life, not just from when teeth appear.

    If you have any questions or would like further support on oral care in pregnancy, please don’t hesitate to email or call us on 0345 520 2229.

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  4. Brush-Baby now available in Africa

    We are delighted to announce that Brush-Baby products are now available in Africa! Last month saw the first products from our early years dental range hit the shelves of Nigerian supermarket chain, Fordmart.

    Customers of Fordmart are now able to purchase Brush-Baby DentalWipes, alongside our FirstBrush & Teether Set, Teething Toothpaste and scrummy Applemint Toothpaste. Brush-Baby first launched in Nigeria at the start of August and is already a huge hit with mums and dads!

    Commenting on our DentalWipes, mum-of-one Latifah Idris-Ligali says: “I started cleaning Iman’s tongue when she was 8 weeks old. Although many stated that this was unnecessary (especially as she was exclusively breastfed), I would notice the odd white residue on her tongue after feeding. I initially adopted the good old fashioned method of using glycerin to clean her mouth (a common method in Nigeria) until I stumbled upon Brush-Baby whilst researching natural gum care for babies. We were sent a sample, and I can say that we are definitely a fan of them.”

    You can read more about Latifah’s experience here.

    Brush-Baby’s International Sales Manager, Kevin Shaw, adds: “We’re very pleased to see that our products are selling fast in the Nigerian market. This is just a starting point for us and we hope to be making a huge difference to children’s dental care all over the world.”

    We would like to say a big thank you to our Distributor, Ik Omoigiad, for helping us spread the message about child’s oral health in Africa. It looks like Elhanan is loving our DentalWipes!

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  5. National Tooth Fairy Day – Little Known Fairy Facts!

    As it’s National Tooth Fairy Day we thought we would share some fun facts about the mysterious, much-loved dental character! Little is commonly known about the Tooth Fairy’s origins, but we have some intriguing insights about this very special figure in our little ones' lives!

    1. The Tooth Fairy is young! Did you know that the Tooth Fairy is actually quite young compared to other much-loved children's characters. Father Christmas can be traced back to Saint Nicholas, born around 280 CE and is the oldest by far! The Easter Bunny comes next, discovered in Germany during the 1700s; leaving the Tooth Fairy looking like a relative teenager, first appearing in September 1908!

    2. The Tooth Fairy is picky… The Tooth Fairy is best known for collecting our first teeth as they fall out, but she is becoming an ambassador for good dental hygiene too! Many clever parents out there have realised that the Tooth Fairy actually pays more for better looking milk teeth; encouraging our little ones to brush more, in order to gain a better reward for their lost tooth… genius!

    3. The Tooth Fairy’s appearance is a mystery! The Tooth Fairy is actually quite a mystery to all of us it seems, as no one’s quite sure what the she looks like! Unlike Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy has never had a definite appearance that’s unified across countries. Most cartoons and books depict a winged female sprite or pixie, much like Tinkerbell, bearing a wand and trailing sparkles in her wake, but actually when questioned, most people can’t even decide whether the mysterious fairy is male or female! The character has even taken on a mouse form in some countries, called Ratoncito Perez! The mystery continues!

    4. The Tooth Fairy’s gifts differ from household to household Historically the Tooth Fairy is known to leave money in exchange for taking a tooth away, but that’s not the case in every household! Some Tooth Fairies are a little more on point with their gifts, leaving dental products in exchange for the tooth … (Sounds like our kind of Fairy!) Others are quite the opposite; offering sweet treats for a lost tooth! So be aware that the gifts can vary, depending on the household you live in. However, whatever the gift, the Tooth Fairy is widely known for being very generous!

    5. The Tooth Fairy’s generosity has increased! It seems the Tooth Fairy is getting wealthier. According to the latest surveys, the Tooth Fairy leaves an average of £2.80 per tooth! What lucky little ones we have today, as that’s a 42% inflation-busting increase on 2011's figures... Tooth retrieval must be a lucrative business!

    6. Finally, the Tooth Fairy shares a little magic… Each fairy shares a little magic with the child they visit, to make sure they are sleeping soundly. It is said the Tooth Fairy sprinkles a handful of very rare fairy dust over the child to ensure they are in a deep slumber and are not disturbed. What us parents would give to get our hands on some of that magic dust!

    One family were even lucky enough to receieve a special Brush-Baby package from the Tooth Fairy! Watch the full video below.

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  6. Vote for us in the Boots Maternity & Infant Awards 2017!

    We’re delighted to announce that our Teething Wipes have made it through to the public vote in the ‘Best Bath Time Product’ category in the Boots Maternity & Infant Awards 2017! After successfully negotiating the product testing round; in which our Wipes were tested by parents, we’ve now made it through to the round of public voting and we need your help!

    If you and your little one love our Teething Wipes as much as we do, we’d be extremely grateful if you could vote for us. Online voting has now officially begun and you can place your vote by clicking here. (Voting closes Thursday 31st August)

    The Awards will take place on Friday 13th October, so be sure to keep an eye out on our social media to see how we get on!

    Thank you in advance

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  7. China welcomes Brush-Baby!

    Up to 88,000 Chinese trade buyers were entranced by a 3-foot Rabbit with a Brush-Baby toothbrush and a toothy Beaver in an enchanted green forest, at the Chinese Baby & Mother Exhibition (CBME) in Shanghai last week.

    Our own Bobby Bunny was just one of the colourful characters enticing potential customers onto the Brush-Baby stand to learn more about Brush-Baby’s Smart Toothcare products for Babies and Kids, hosted by Brush-Baby’s Chinese distributor TCOAI Trading Company

    As Kevin Shaw, Brush-Baby’s International Sales Manager explains; “Brush-Baby’s lively eye-catching characters were the real talking point at CBME and have the making of great mascots for babies and kids oral health. The Brush-Baby oral care range was unique amongst the other 4000 baby and kids brands. YTD Sales have already grown 203% in the region and with keen interest from Chinese buyers and distributors from the wider Far East region, we’re expecting a busy few months following the show. I’m looking forward to using the Chinese format of Brush-Baby on my follow-up correspondence!”

    For further information on trade in China contact or TOCAI Trading

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  8. You wouldn’t forget your swimsuit, so don’t forget your toothbrush!

    On holiday, our daily routines can fall by the wayside, but don't let tooth care be one of them. Holiday season can often lead to us consuming a little more sugar than usual – ice-creams, sweets and special holiday treats. And don't forget those fizzy drinks, whilst we think that they might be great for cooling down by the poolside, many contain up to 35g of sugar - almost nine teaspoons!

    So whether it’s from sugary drinks, sweet treats or ice creams… our mouths are taking quite a sugar hit!

    So, when you are enjoying a break from routine, make sure your little ones' teeth aren't enjoying one too! Remember to keep brushing, flossing or dental wiping twice a day to keep their smiles pearly white, and of course… have a lovely holiday!

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  9. We’ve been ‘strutting our stuff’ at Estet Fashion Week

    You never know where early years dental care will take you. One day we could be at the Houses of Parliament briefing MPs on the state of the nation's kids' teeth, the next we're strutting down the runway at Estet Fashion Week in Russia.

    Kids' dental care is not something that necessarily springs to mind as going hand in hand with fashion, but that didn't stop Brush-Baby ‘killing the runway’ last month at Estet Fashion Week; one of the most popular jewellery fashion shows in the world.

    Held in Moscow, the event marries fashion and jewellery, attracting designers from across the globe. During the week, 2 days were devoted to children’s fashion, and Brush-Baby were delighted to be a sponsor of the event, showcasing our range of kids dental products to the budding fashionistas.

    You can check out Mikey's debut on the runway in the video below:

    From dental practices to Russian runways, who knows where Brush-Baby will be turning heads in the future!

    To purchase any of the products shown in the video above, please visit our online store.

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  10. ‘Smiley Eileey’ loves our TeethingWipes!

    At Brush-Baby, we’re always keen to hear how your little ones are getting on with our range of early-years dental care products. That is why we were delighted to receive this fantastic review and brilliant video of our TeethingWipes in action!

    Eileen McGlinchey, an independent Oral Health promoter from Southern Ireland, known as ‘Smiley Eileey’ has started using our TeethingWipes for her niece who is 7 months old and going through the teething phase.

    Eileen commented: “These TeethingWipes are awesome! She loves the taste and seems to get comfort from her gums being rubbed. They’re so quick and easy to use. I would definitely recommend them to mums!”

    You can see how the pair got on here:

    Wiping a baby’s gums with a xylitol wipe every morning and night is a healthy dental routine to get into. It provides great protection against decay and gets them used to their gums being touched before they are able to brush. Our soft, disposable wipes are gently formulated and uniquely textured to help cleanse delicate gums, perfect for maintaining a healthy oral environment and preventing teething pain.

    To purchase yours, click here.

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