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  1. We've been shortlisted!

    Mother & Baby Awards 2019 Shortlist LogoBrush-Baby is delighted for our Teething Toothpaste to be shortlisted in the Best Bathtime product category of the Mother & Baby Awards. Hurrah!

    The prestigious awards are probably considered to be the ‘Oscars’ of the baby awards and the announcement of the eventual winners, both at the awards ceremony in November and publication within the Mother & Baby magazine in early 2019, is eagerly awaited every year.

    All products entered into the awards are fairly and rigorously tested by real parents against a set criteria and timeframe, and results are a closely-guarded secret until after the event, when all participants receive the comments and feedback from reviewers.

    Testing times in more ways than one indeed! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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  2. Brush-Baby chats to childcare experts Charlotte & Louise about dental health and parenting

    Charlotte & LouiseModern family life brings many challenges and professional nannies – Charlotte Scarbrow and Louise Garvey, have made it their mission to share their experience and skills to equip parents with the knowledge to help face their parenting journey.

    Together they run Charlotte & Louise, a private childcare consultancy based in South West London, offering high-quality information via their one-to-one private consultancy work and practical workshops for parents.

    Brush-Baby caught up with Charlotte & Louise to find out more about what they do and chat about child dental health.

    “Here at Charlotte & Louise, we always promote good dental care and encourage parents to start introducing a toothbrush long before the first tooth even appears. We believe it’s important for babies to get used to having something like a toothbrush in their mouth, it allows them to explore and play on their own so it shouldn’t come as too much of a shock when you actually begin to brush their teeth.

    “I think our clients tend to be shocked that they need to think about dental care from such a young age. Once parents get teeth-cleaning established as part of their child’s daily routine, they find it easy and sometimes fun – especially with the incredible variety of kids products to choose from to support their dental needs.

    “It’s safe to say that over our two decades of nannying experience, we have tried and tested a lot of products and know when we find a good one! The Brush-Baby Soft Chewable Toothbrush struck a chord with us; its durability, shape and design are very good, and best of all – it’s a great way to introduce your baby to brushing their teeth independently, they can just chew on it while it cleans their teeth and soothes their teething gums.

    “Dental care is often a topic that concerns parents, and once they start eating – parents become even more aware of the importance of keeping their child’s teeth clean. Weaning is a hot topic and we get questions ranging from how and when to start, to what is the correct portion size, and why will my child now no longer eat the food they used to love!

    “Parenting is such a journey and it can feel overwhelming at times, we passionately believe that the key to good parenting is love, confidence and consistency; and via our workshops and confidential advice – we aim to provide all families with helpful information to build-up their confidence and knowledge.

    “This expert support can be provided privately, with resulting action plans bespoke to your needs, and via our practical workshops for parents that are available on a range of topics including newborn care and weaning. We also write a weekly parenting blog offering tips, advice and free downloads.”

    To subscribe for information and parenting tips from childcare experts Charlotte & Louise, visit

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  3. The sky’s the limit!

    British Airways MagazineThe next time you’re on a British Airways flight, take a look at the current issue of BA Business Life magazine or at the person in the seat next to you, as you’ll see Brush-Baby Ltd, or may just meet its founder and MD, Dominique Tillen.

    Dominique and Brush-Baby are included in the ‘It’s good to fly’ article which features companies who have succeeded in their businesses with the help of making journeys to meet customers, suppliers and distributors, in order to have face-to-face meetings and business negotiations.

    The ethos of the ‘personal touch’ filters down from Dominique and is fundamental to the way that Brush-Baby conducts its business and is fundamental to our success.  We pride ourselves on personally dealing with orders, customer queries and always garnering customer feedback in order to improve our offering and helping people understand the importance of how, and why, looking after little ones’ gums and teeth is so important.

    The sky really is the limit for Brush-Baby and giving the next generation the best dental start in life!

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  4. Putting your best foot forward … in exercise, nutrition and dental health!

    First Steps Dental SetBrush-Baby were delighted to be asked to contribute a First Steps Dental Set to Goody Bags distributed at a recent roadshow event hosted by Boots UK and Piccolo, the innovative baby food company.

    The health initiative was held nationally in-store and out in the open air, with the innovative exercise  organisation Buggyfit.  Sessions offering advice, opening up friendly discussions and demonstrations with My Little Piccolo, led by Infant Nutrition Specialist Alice Fotheringham, who demonstrated and offered tasty nutritious treats, were designed to help parents with the weaning process. 

    Brush-Baby MyFirstToothbrushes and scrummy applemint-flavoured teething toothpastes were on hand in the goody bags to encourage mums to wipe baby gums, inner cheeks and developing teeth after eating the delicious samples, and to use in the future after My Little Piccolo healthy pouch meals.

    For further info on yumminess visit

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  5. Keeping Brush-Baby in the picture

    (Left to Right)  Ray Ren MD of Tocai Trading, Dominique Tillen, Kevin Shaw and Lulu Hepworth of Brush-Baby LtdBrush-Baby was literally a picture of health at the recent CBME Exhibition in Shanghai. The Polaroid Selfie Pictureframe was part of the Brush-Baby Exhibition Stand, at the world’s largest trade fair for child, baby and maternity products and services.

    Visitors were encouraged to participate in a Selfie competition whilst learning about the importance of early years’ oral care for little ones to ensure that their baby gummy smiles develop into healthy toothy grins!

    Ray Ren from Tcoai – Brush-Baby’s distributor in China – and his team organised an eye-catching exhibition stand with a theme  of Smart Toothcare for Babies and Kids.

    Over 90,000 visitors were in attendance at the 3 day exhibition where over 4000 brands were on display and discussed on exhibition stands, fashion shows and industry summits where the latest trends and innovations were demonstrated.

    With the baby product market expected to be worth 12 billion US dollars by 2025, Brush-Baby are aiming to ensure that the oral welfare of all 0-6 year olds is catered for, with the widest range of Wipes, Toothpastes and Toothbrushes and that Brush-Baby is the number one product selection..

    Mikey Beaver of Tutti Frutti Toothpaste and KidzSonic Electric Toothbrush fame, photo-bombing the English and Chinese Brush-Baby Sales Team!

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  6. Hands up, who loves a FREEBIE?

    Bounty Bags LogoBrush-Baby have recently teamed up with the world-famous Bounty Bags, to include a FREE TeethingWipes in the Growing Family Bounty Bag (for babies aged 18 weeks and over).

    Bounty Bags have been in existence since 1959 and have become synonymous with free samples, offers and giving mums the most-up-to date information on the health of themselves and their babies.

    Officially available until mid-August from Asda, Boots, Superdrug and Tesco, the Bounty Bag Growing Family Pack includes the following from Brush-Baby:

    • FREE TeethingWipe including Xylitol and soothing Camomile
    • Teething Advice
    • Discount code for future Brush-Baby product purchases
    • QR code to join the SmileStones Club – a unique, free-to-join Dental Club offering expert advice, samples and birthday gifts.  Aimed at all the stages of a child’s dental development, from gummy newborns, via teething gums, to how to look after those precious first milk teeth for a lifetime of happy smiles.

    Not signed up for a Bounty Bag – but would love some teething advice?

    Click on this link for help: and a very interesting fact about teeth not ‘cutting’ through gums – you will be surprised!

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  7. Pin it, snap it, win it!

    Oral Health Magazine Competition PosterRoll up, roll up… Everyone wins with Oral Health’s free prize draw to promote Dental Check by One!

    Like us, the Oral Health team is always trying to find new and innovative ways to help promote all that is good in the world of dental hygiene. And they've come up with a bobby-dazzler of an idea!

    Last issue, after writing about ways to promote Dental Check by One, they had a brainwave… why not publish a poster that their readers could cut out (or download from and print off) and display in their dental practice? And so, with support from us at Brush-Baby and the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry (BSPD), that’s exactly what they’ve done. Not only will the poster help raise awareness of Dental Check by One with your patients, it could also win you a bag full of goodies from Brush-Baby!

    One lucky winning practice will receive a year’s supply of Brush-Baby products to pass onto its younger patients, as well as a food hamper for the practice team to share. Meanwhile, 10 runners-up will receive a box of Brush-Baby samples, reward charts and stickers for the practice.

    For your chance to win, all you need to do is send us a quick snap of the poster stuck up on the practice wall. All photos tweeted to @oralhealthmag or emailed to by 31 October will be entered into the prize draw. Entry is limited to one photo per practice.

    To download the poster, click here.

    Good luck!

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  8. … And stretch!

    Helen from Buggyfit, Basingstoke (right) putting Emma Foster from Brush-Baby (left) through her pacesEmma Foster – UK Sales Manager for Brush-Baby Ltd, joined in with the fun with the ladies at a Buggyfit session in Basingstoke recently, and then caught her breath to give the participants a talk on the importance of oral health care in babies.

    The eager mums learned about the importance of establishing an oral care routine as soon as possible, with on-hand demonstrations, samples and a Q &A session where mums presented any questions on cleaning baby’s gums and the natural product Xylitol contained in Brush-Baby products, teething, toothbrushing tantrums and why baby teeth really do matter!

    As Buggyfit Trainer Helen explains “participants at Buggyfit sessions are health-conscious and so the Brush-Baby ethos of looking after a baby’s welfare is a ‘good fit’.  I know that our group really benefited from the oral health care session, and conversely we hope that Emma enjoyed being put through her paces with her Buggyfit session too!”

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  9. Hurrah for the tax on sugary drinks

    Child drinking sugary drinkYou may have noticed a few price changes during your recent trips to your supermarket. Sugary drinks in particular have seen a hike because of the new sugar tax. While no-one likes to see the cost of their weekly shop going up, it’s a step in the right direction to tackling childhood tooth decay. However, it’s a shame that the announcement came with so much national media  attention, focused solely on the link between sugary drinks and obesity – the sugar tax was a prime opportunity to also highlight their impact on dental health, particularly among young children.

    Why we need sugar tax

    We all know that if you eat too much sugar it can lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes. But tooth decay is another worrying side-effect of eating and drinking too much of the sweet stuff. You may be surprised to know that Public Health England statistics from April 2018, show that a child has a tooth removed in hospital every 10 minutes due to preventable tooth decay, with sugary drinks listed as one of the main causes.

    As well as helping children establish a good dental routine from a very young age, cutting back on sugar is essential to keep their pearly whites healthy. Making sugary drinks less appealing by creating a sugar tax is one way to tackle this and we are in favour of the change.

    What drinks are affected by the sugar tax?

    The sugar levy came into force on 6 April 2018. Companies are taxed based upon the sugar content of their drinks. The higher the sugar, the higher the tax. If a drink has more than 5g of sugar per 100ml then it is affected. If it has 8g per 100ml or more then it is taxed at an even higher rate.  Regular fizzy drinks like coke and lemonade have gone up in price by about 8p a can.

    Families will also be interested in the impact on pure fruit juice and drinks with a high milk content. These are actually exempt from the tax, however, this doesn’t mean they are the healthiest option for your baby or toddler’s teeth. This is because fruit juice is very high in sugars that turn to acid in your mouth and can cause tooth decay.

    What’s the healthiest drink for your child’s teeth?

    The very best drink for your child is water as this comes with no nasties that will harm your little one’s teeth. Plus it contains fluoride which will help promote strong, healthy tooth development.

    If you do give your child fruit juice, do so at meal times and water it down. A cup of milk is also good to have on the side with dinner, rather than as a refreshment in between meals. The saliva your child creates when they are eating all help to get rid of any harmful sugary acids that can cause problems if they linger on teeth for too long.

    Tooth decay is completely preventable. Check out our frequently asked questions for more information about tooth decay, drinks and foods to avoid, and the best alternatives for your child.

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  10. Toothbrushing made fun for your little one

    Toothbrushing DiaryLooking for a fun way to encourage your child to brush their teeth and adopt a healthy dental routine?

    At Brush-Baby we’re always keen to make brushing time as fun as possible. That is why we offer a FREE 4-week toothbrushing chart with every order. You can order yours here and get a little help from Mikey and his friends to encourage your little one to brush their teeth twice a day.

    Complete your chart and your little one can win a prize!

    Simply tick off the circles on the chart each time your child brushes their teeth. When their chart is completed, simply email a photo of them with their completed chart to and we will enter them in our monthly prize draw for the chance to win Crayola colouring products. Good luck!

    Quick tip

    To encourage regular brushing and turn your child into a Toothbrushing Champ, why not try using our fun Brush-Baby reward stickers, featuring Bobbie Bunny, Mikey Beaver and Ziggy Monster? You can find them here – brushing reward stickers!

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